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Laser - Sunny Waterslide decal paper - A4 - per sheet

Waterslide decal paper to print decals for modeling, nail-art, scooters, advertising and much more. Decals are very thin kind af stickers. Also useable for baking glass and ceramics
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Laser - Sunny Waterslide decal paper - A4 - per sheet

Waterslide decals are probably best known as the stickers in model building packages. It is a very-thin sticker which is released and positioned by placing the decal in some water. Can be used on almost all non-porous surfaces including glass, ceramics, metal, plastic and (lacquered) wood, but can also be used on candles. Waterslide decals should be encapsulated for most applications in a layer of lacquer (acrylic clear coat). This is because it does not have a permanent bond of its own and is of a fragile nature. They can be baked on glass, ceramics and metal, making them harder and more durable. Uncoated so suitable for almost all desktop laser printers which can handle thicker paper (such as 160grams). Can also be used with Solvent, UV-ink, latex printers and with microdry printers such as the Alps.
PLEASE NOTE!! Samsung laserprinter from the SL-C4xxW series, don't seem to be able to use this paper!!

Pay attention with photocopiers and production printers, these require more knowledge of the user to achieve a good result and wrongful use may cause damage to the machine. The use of Laser decal paper on these machines is therefore at your own risk.

  • Only for decorative purposes (unless finished in a suitable lacquer layer)
  • Not food safe (so not for direct contact with food)
  • Available in 3 thicknesses (thin, standard, premium), 2 variants (white and clear) and 2 different carrier colors (white and blue)
  • Blue backing is best suited for use in printers that can print white, otherwise use white backing(with no extra indication in the product title)

3 thicknesses ... which one should I choose?
There are 3 different thicknesses available so there is one for everyone, the choice in this is personal. The standard of 13μ (μ = Micron) is called standard for a reason and this is actually the best applicable  thickness which is easy to use. The thin version is for demanding uses, but it is more vulnerable and difficult to process. Premium decals are especially very sturdy and less vulnerable, making them very suitable for large decals and fast applications. Do you use decals for the first time? Start with the standard thickness.

How to: Using waterslide decals + Part 2: Applying decals (Advanced)

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How to: Decorate candles

How to: Spraying clear coats

How to: Choosing for white or clear media/paper

More information can be found at the menu at "How to"

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