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Printing with white

From now on it is possible to have your prints printed with white in them.
White can be printed as a standalone color, as a spotcolor, but also a combination which makes full color with white possible.
Suppose you want to print a yellow text and it has to be applied on a black background, this is usually not possible with transparent decals because the color is not sufficiently opaque.
That's why before it should've been printed on white paper/foil and then cut out very precisely, but that is not always possible or just as handy.
Now this problem no longer exists, because white can now be printed as a spot color so that this yellow remains opaque.

There are some conditions and guidelines, which I discuss below:

The possibilities with white:
As already mentioned, there are several options for printing with white.
  1. Standalone white: Either the whole sheet only contains items that have to be white

  2. White as Spot Color: The image contains all kinds of colors (cmyk) and these must be opaque by printing white underneath

  3. Full color with white: Actually a combination of the above items. So you have colored objects that you want white under and there are white items in the image that should remain white in the final result.
These are 3 possibilities that are easily achievable with the printer. However, these options have some custom requirements for the supplied file and the associated costs. That is why I come directly to the next item below.
The requirements of the file(s):
The printer and its software offer many possibilities for printing white.
  • Vector files: By far the best result is achieved with vector files. These files offer freedom to make selections and to add extra color layers (with white) to the places where this is necessary. Understandably enough, not everyone / everything can be supplied in vector.

  • PNG files with transparency: Because of the knowledge in editing software and the possibilities that the printer offers, almost the same result can be achieved with PNG files as with Vector files. A requirement is that the PNG files have a transparent background because all the white in the file will also be printed white. It is therefore important that all the white that does not have to be printed is cut away / erased.

  • All other files: The results are unpredictable but it is also possible to print from other files. The software of the printer offers some automatic functions to place white where it thinks it is necessary. The latter is therefore immediately a shortcoming of this possibility, as there is no prediction on the result until the print is finished. This is in fact an operation that is executed in the driver / printer. Which offers 2 possibilities:
    1- White printing on all data including white, everything that is not transparent becomes white (also white backgrounds).
    2- White printing on all data excluding white, the printer only looks up color data and prints white below.
    However, these methods have shown that sometimes pieces of background are printed white because they were not fully white. Also, the white does not always stop behind the colors so that edges of white around the color are visible. Although this is not always preventable, it is therefore advisable to use vector files or png files with transparency.
Each file needs its own processing and therefore entails costs. With this we will immediately come to the next item ...
What are the costs off the available possibilities:
Printing with white requires some adjustments to the supplied files. It is therefore very difficult to determine and discuss an exact price in advance. Every file is different, every wish requires different activities. Sometimes it involves a few images with simple shapes, but sometimes it is about sheets full of hundreds of images ....

I do not want to leave you completely in the dark, so I will give you some guidelines for the costs.
I calculate with supplements on current prices for cmyk printing of decals, stickers etc (see elsewhere on the website).
Usually the standard price for printing is €3.65 per A4 sheet, CMYK color, print-ready file.
  • Surcharge for printing white (no editing required) €2,00

  • Surcharge for placing white and / or white under color (png / vector file) from €3,00

  • Performing operations such as cutting out, customizing, converting to vector € 25.00 per hour
You receive a quote in advance with a fixed price, unless the previously discussed wishes or requirements change.

For a "print-ready" file where only white has to be added, you pay € 8.65 per A4 sheet. You supply a file which is based on A4 format, the images are on the correct dimensions and the file has a transparent background (png,psd or vector).
How to order printing with white?
Ordering print work in which white has to be printed can be done via email.
Since every file is different, every wish is different and not every file requires the same amount of work, there is no standard price.
This also gives the possibility to check whether the file is of adequate quality, whether the wishes are possible and what method is required to achieve the desired result.

Send an email with the desired file and mention:
  1. Is the file, after adding white, ready for printing? (sizes of images etc)
  2. Do you want standalone white, white as spot color or Fullcolor with white?
  3. How many times do you want it printed?
  4. On which material do you want to receive the print?
  5. Your address and contact details