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A description of everything there i to know about decorating glass and ceramics using waterslide decal paper.

You like the canning-jars which are labeled, a glass with a logo, a mug with a funny text or a plate with your holiday photo. Obviously these can be made by all kind of companies, but what's more fun than to do it all by yourself. There are many "how to's" available, telling you how to do it but they don't always give answer to questions we often get:

- Which printer is best suited for?
- What do I exactly need?
- Is it dishwasher proof?

Because of these questions and many more i wrote a "How to.." of my own. Still have questions? Feel free to ask via email or our contact form.

Which printer is best suited?

Quite simply, a laser printer. All material designed for a laser printer are heat-resistant. Toner (the "ink" of a laser printer)  is fused to the material. Therefore waterslide decal paper for a laser printer includes a thin film on which the toner adheres. Without this film the adhesive layer will melt inside your printer. Toner is (opposed to the ink for inkjetprinters) water-resistant and has a good scratch-resistance.

Don't have a laser printer? An inkjet printer will do perfectly and even better in quality for printing photos and high details. Inkjet printers can often print a higher DPI (drops per inch) and have a bigger color gammut because inks mix better than toner. The biggest issue is making the print waterproof and still be able to be baked on using an oven and that is where a magic material called Magic Coating paper comes. This material is applied to the decal with a laminator and makes the ink water-, scratch and heat-resistant. Now it is possible to decorate glass or ceramics and baking the decal onto the surface using an oven. However, the decal will become a bit soft when it's getting warm or wet. You can wash the object by hand and there is no guarantee for washing in a dishwasher.

What do I need to decorate and baking glass, ceramic or metal?

For a laser printer you only need waterslide decal paper made for laserprinters.

For an inkjet printer you need the waterslide decal paper and, Magic coating paper and a hot laminator.

General tools:

- PC and Printer (laminator)
- Oven (hot air is preferable gas or electric is possible even a microwave with convection)
- a container for weeken the decal (5-10cm deep)
- Soft, non-scented, tissues free of oil and cream.
- If possible a soft squeegee
- sharp craft knife or scissors

Short description (Laser) detailed information with delivery

- Print your image onto the decal
- Cut out your decal
- Place your decal in water (40-60 seconds)
- Carefully loosen your decal of the carrier
- Moisten the surface of your object
- Place your decal on the desired location and slide further from carrier
- Possition the decal an rub the moisture and air-bubbels with a tissue or squeegee.
- Let it dry
- Preheat oven (180-240 degrees)
- Bake the object with decal (10 minutes)
- Let cool completly and wait 24 hours before using

Short description (Inkjet) detailed information with delivery

Print image onto decal
- Place sheet of Magic Coating paper onto the printed  decal
- Laminate both papers together
- Cut your decal roughly, neatly cutting in step 6
- Dab the carrier of the Magic coating with a sponge.
- Remove the carrier of the Magic coating paper and cut your picture neatly
- Place the decal in water (40-60 seconds)
- Carefully loosen the decal from the carrier
- Moisture the surface of your object
- Place the decal and carefully remove the rest of the carrier 
- Possition the decal and rub the moisture and air-bubbles with a tissue or squeegee
- Leave to dry
- Preheat oven (180-240 degrees)
- bak your object (10 minutes)
- Let it cool completely and wait 24 hours before using

The higher the temperature of the oven the better the adhesion will be.
Temperature is dependent on your printers ink/toner and your object.

Print services: 

You have an inktjet printer but still want Laser Waterslide Decals? No problem, we can print your Laser decals. Click here to go to our printservice > Decal printing.