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Product Returns

Conditions for return
- You must submit a return request within 14 days after receiving the package
- The costs and the risk of a return shipment are for your account
- The products to be returned must be returned in a sealed shipping package
- The products to be returned must be undamaged, unused and in the original sealed packaging. If products have already been damaged on receipt, please let us know immediately before you return a shipment.

What is reimbursed
- Complete return / cancellation:
If you wish to cancel / return a complete order, you will be reimbursed for the entire purchase price including shipping costs (and any transaction costs). The costs of the return shipment are for your account, costs for a replacement shipment are not reimbursed.
- Partly return:
If you wish to return part of your order, you will only be reimbursed the purchase price of the returned sheets. The shipping costs paid at purchase and the costs of the return shipment are at your expense. Any shipping costs for a replacement shipment will be recalculated or settled. Single or loose sheets can not be returned in case of a partial return.

How a return shipment works
First notify the return with an email to [email protected]. You will receive the information to complet the return within a few working days and the question whether you want your money refunded, want a shop credit or wish to receive a replacement product. After this you can return the shipment to the specified address, with the shipping method or carrier of your choice.

PLEASE NOTE! The costs and the risk of the return shipment are for your account.
Pack the products securely and if desired send them via the parcel service for more security. After the consignment has been received in good condition, it will be handled within a few working days, after which the refund will be executed, a shopping credit will be released or a possible replacement shipment will be sent. A refund is done by default onto the account with which the order has been paid and an order paid with paypal is refunded by paypal. If you want to change this, costs for doing so may be charged.