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The disclaimer of PaperSpecials is simple ...

Almost all photos and information on this website and the manuals are made and written by myself. The other information is obtained from suppliers / manufacturers with or without permission / as the entitled buyer. Because of this you do not have the right to copy or re-use this information for commercial purposes, this is of course no problem for your own personal use. If you want to use the information for purposes other than your own reference, please send me an email. I'm not the wordt but I think it's only fair to know when I'm being robbed.

If you are a reseller of PaperSpecials products, you may use this information. However, I ask you to use the information as much as possible in your own wording in order to avoid confusion about a possible connection. You do not want to be confronted with mistakes that I make, and the opposite applies equally.

The information on the website is based on my own knowledge, experience or self-acquired information. Therefore, no rights can be granted to inaccuracies, malfunctions or misspellings related to the information on this website.

When you take the products or information from this website into use, I assume that you bear the responsibility for the execution / processing of this information or products. If you sell the information that you do not have explicit rights for, or you sell self-produced products developed with products or information from this website, then I am not responsible for any complications or consequences. You must be competent enough to use the products, tools and machines and despite the fact that something may be described as very simple, there is no reason to claim responsibility from PaperSpecials or other providers of such information. You have the responsibility to have knowledge of your machines and check the operation of your machines and tools before you use them, whether or not in combination with products from this website. You can assume that the products on this website work for which they are intended and as (often) described. If something goes wrong, this is usually due to ignorance or incorrect use of aids and this is often not due to the delivered product.