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Inkjet/Laser - Sunny Rub-on decal - Per sheet - A4

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Inkjet/Laser - Sunny Rub-on decal - Per sheet - A4
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Inkjet/Laser - Sunny Rub-on decal - Per sheet - A4

This product is suitable for both inkjet and laser printerd. Semi transparent Rub-on decal paper. Use the adhesive spray or adhezive foil to mount the decal. Rub-on decals are designed to be placed on surfaces where waterslide decals can't be used, like untreated wood, paper, textiles and so on but also suitable for plastics, metal, glass and ceramics.The type of surface is limited to the capabilities of the adhesive. The best and easiest way is to mount the decals is by using adheive foil. You can precisely cut out the foil and apply only there where it is needed.

Description Sunny Rub-on decal paper:
- Print your desires image/decal mirrored
- Cut out your image/decal.
- Spay the printed part with adhesive spray (appropriate for your surface)
- Place the decal on your surface
- Press the decal firmly with a creditcard or a similar tool.
- Allow the glue to dry
- Carefully remove the backing

Some examples where Rub-on decals can be used for: - decorating furniture (lampshades, boxes) - Placing texts and logos on posters, photos, scrapbooking, etc - Nailart - Obviously there are much more options.For additional UV-protection and water-, scratch resistance, the decal can by coated with vanish or alternatively, a water-resistant film as Grafix Seal.

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