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Inkjet - Sunny Decal paper WATERPROOF - White - A4 – per sheet

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Waterproof decal paper to print decals for modeling, nail-art, scooters, advertising and much more. Decals are very thin kind af stickers.
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Inkjet - Sunny Decal paper WATERPROOF - White - A4 – per sheet

Waterslide decals are a kind of wafer-thin stickers. They are best known as the stickers that have to be released in water used with model kits for example. They have a water-activated adhesive layer. They can be used on all non-porous, grease-free, dust-free, solid surfaces that are not (too) absorbent. Including but not limited to: glass, ceramics, plastic, metal, varnished wood and if not to absorbent untreated wood. Heating the decal with approximately 70ºC is a trick to increase the adhesion.

Waterproof vs Regular Waterslide:
This waterproof paper, unlike regular waterslide, does not need to be clear coated after printing. It absorbs the ink in the absorbent coating and therefor the waterproof paper is thicker and stiffer. The waterproof decal paper is also less resistant to heat and can become more transparent at higher temperatures. Because it is not needed to clear coat this waterproof decal after printing it is harder to do so. In fact i do not recommend doing so. If the varnish has an oil-based ingredient, the decal gets (more) transparent. So use it in cases where using varnish is not possible and if you are able to use a varnish you are much better off using just regular waterslide decal paper.

Suitable for inkjet printers:
The material is universally coated and suitable in all water-based (dye and pigment) inkjet printers, provided that it can handle a weight class of 140grams. No special printer is needed other than the inkjet printer at home, at work, from family or friends.

See the blog called "Howto" for more information about applying Waterslide decals.

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