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Laser | Sunny Film Free | Metallic Decal Paper | Silver| 3-staps | A4

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A beautiful silver shining film to decorate articles.
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Laser | Sunny Film Free | Metallic Decal Paper | Silver| 3-staps | A4

A beautyful Shining Silver Decal for decoration. 

The finished decal is nog food-safe. Only for Laser Printers. 

How to aply the decal:

- Print the image in black, on the shining surface of the blue paper. 
- Lay a metallic sheet on the white paper with the gray side on the print 
- Glue the metallic sheet with a small row to the white paper at the top
- Laminate the set
- Pull gently the metallic sheet of the white paper. The print wil be shining silver now
- Put the white sheet with the shiny side on the silver print.
- Laminate the set again
- Take a sponge and make the blue paper wet.
- Remove the blue paper.  
- Put the decal into the water for 30-60 seconds
- Put W1 Glue on the article at the place were you want the decal.
- Place te decal on the article and remove the white sheet
- Gently uses a squeeze to get rid of the bubbles and water
- Let the decal dry. With a föhn for 3 til 5 minutes. Or in a oven at 100°C for 10 minutes
- Remove the transparant film carefully
- The get a stronger result, put the article again in the oven for 10 minutes at 180°C

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